Batman live desktop wallpaper pc moving background 4k hd

Jump right into Batman’s city with our new live desktop wallpaper. This wallpaper is very clear and detailed, perfect for 4K screens. It’s animated, so it doesn’t just stay still, making your computer screen feel alive. If you’re a Batman fan, this wallpaper is perfect for you and will make any work you do on …


Naruto, Luffy, and Goku anime live wallpaper 3d 4k hd

Presenting an exciting anime live wallpaper, where three famous characters from the world of anime – Goku, Luffy, and Naruto – have come together. Now they grace your screens, offering a dynamic anime live wallpaper that’s constantly moving, enabling you to feel their presence. It’s perfect for gamers, designers, or anyone seeking to add a …


Windows 11 LIVE WALLPAPER ANIMATED Default Wallpaper Background 4k

Are you looking to give your desktop computer a unique makeover? Now, you can take a step beyond just using the default Windows 11 wallpaper, which is a static image, and make it come to life! With the help of Lively Wallpaper, you can download and apply an animated version of the default Windows 11 …


Fornite Wallpaper 1

Fornite Wallpaper 4k HD For Desktop and Mobile

Fornite Wallpaper HD Introducing our fantastic selection of Fortnite Live Wallpapers, straight from the dynamic world of Epic Games’ Fortnite, a game loved by millions across multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac, and mobile devices. This collection of HD wallpapers isn’t just for gamers, but for anyone seeking a vibrant and energetic upgrade …


windows 10 Live wallpaper screenshot

Windows 10 Live Wallpaper Moving Background

Windows 10 Live Wallpaper is the best backgrounds now for our latest computers. Using Wallpaper Engine will enable the video animation of windows 10 default background and set as live wallpapers. Choose among the four given video wallpaper below. Using a Live wallpapers now is one of the best and latest in desktop screen. Say goodbye now …


Earth Live Wallpaper in full HD and 3D backgrounds

Earth Live Wallpaper 3D Background

Earth live wallpaper is a 3D live wallpaper where it can move and rotate like in space. This 4k ultra HD live wallpaper can be use as Live wallpaper to PC or Notebook computer. Just install Wallpaper engine and you are now ready to run the earth live wallpaper. Here is the actual preview of …


landscape wallpaper animated live wallpaper

Landscape Wallpaper Animated Live

Landscape wallpaper lakeside animated live backgrounds for your desktop. Make your screen alive with moving and animating wallpaper. You will see morning sunrise, and afternoon sunset. Enjoy viewing your desktop landscape and relax yourself without going anywhere. Screenshot for the Animated landscape wallpaper. How to enable landscape wallpaper using wallpaper engine Open wallpaper engine folder …


music visualizer live wallpaper

Music Visualizer Live Wallpaper for PC

Music visualizer live wallpaper is best live wallpaper especially for DJ. Because it can move the visualizer upon hearing any sounds comes from computer. Weather you play music or making sounds clicks or warning tones of your PC. If the visualizer will move then it means it detect sounds from your computer. How to enable …