Windows 10 Live Wallpaper Moving Background

Windows 10 Live Wallpaper is the best backgrounds now for our latest computers. Using Wallpaper Engine will enable the video animation of windows 10 default background and set as live wallpapers. Choose among the four given video wallpaper below.

Using a Live wallpapers now is one of the best and latest in desktop screen. Say goodbye now into your old stagnant backgrounds of your desktop. It also makes you relax in doing your job by using a realistic and 3D wallpapers in wallpaper engine. Using HD Video wallpaper can also consume little bit memory of your PC. Makes sure also that you meet the minimum system requirements of wallpaper engine. But in my case, my ram is just 1 GB and I can smoothly run live wallpapers and cool desktop moving backgrounds in my old notebook.

How to enable windows 10 live wallpaper

  1. Open Wallpaper Engine then right click wallpaper32.exe or wallpaper64.exe and Run as administrator.
  2. Go to your system tray and look for wallpaper engine icon, Then right click again and select Change Wallpaper.
  3. Click Open from File and brows for windows 10 Video animated wallpaper.
  4. Click OK to activate live wallpapers.

See on How to Set Up and Install Wallpaper Engine in Windows 10 or 7 both 64 bit or 32 bit.

Download windows 10 video wallpaper

Check the link below for the HD video wallpaper of windows 10, Choose your desired wallpaper and since this video is named windows 10 doesn’t mean works only for windows 10, It also works in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and even in windows XP, Yes Live Wallpaper for windows xp!

Video Preview of windows 10 moving wallpaper

Choose your favorite wallpaper for your desktop, I love that Windows 10 Rain Live wallpapers because it makes my screen realistic and relaxing backgrounds. Share your favorite windows 10 live wallpaper to your friends and give us some of your thoughts below.

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