Earth Live Wallpaper 3D Background

Earth live wallpaper is a 3D live wallpaper where it can move and rotate like in space. This 4k ultra HD live wallpaper can be use as Live wallpaper to PC or Notebook computer. Just install Wallpaper engine and you are now ready to run the earth live wallpaper.

Here is the actual preview of Earth 3D Wallpaper wit wallpaper engine.

earth live wallpaper in 3d with ultra HD

Earth Live Wallpaper in full HD and 3D

Earth Live Wallpaper in HD with 3d rotation

The earth 3D wallpaper will rotate 360 degrees with ultra HD. Download the Earth Live Wallpaper below and follow the instruction.

How to enable Earth Live Wallpaper in your desktop

  1. Download and extract Wallpaper Engine.
  2. Run wallpaper32.exe or wallpaper64.exe depends on your system.
    See detailed instruction on how to Install Wallpaper engine in Windows.
  3. Click Wallpaper engine icon on system tray then select Browse Wallpaper.
  4. On lower part of screen, Click Open from file then browse the Earth 3D Ultra HD.webm on a location where you extracted. (See download link below)
  5. Click OK to activate the Live Wallpaper and enjoy.

Download the Earth 3D Live Wallpaper package. (Google Drive 14MB)


Share this globe live wallpaper to your friends so that they can enjoy this 3D earth wallpaper.

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