Music Visualizer Live Wallpaper for PC

Music visualizer live wallpaper is best live wallpaper especially for DJ. Because it can move the visualizer upon hearing any sounds comes from computer. Weather you play music or making sounds clicks or warning tones of your PC. If the visualizer will move then it means it detect sounds from your computer.

How to enable music visualizer live wallpaper

first of all you need a live wallpaper app which is wallpaper engine to activate music live wallpaper.

  1. Run Wallpaper Engine.
  2. Click Wallpaper Engine icon on system tray and select Change Wallpaper.
  3. Click Open from file and browse your downloaded wallpaper (download link available below).
  4. Select index.html where you extract the downloaded Audio visualizer music beat wallpaper.
  5. Click OK to enable Music Bead Visualizer live wallpaper.

watch this video to see the preview and instruction on how to activate this live wallpaper.

Here is the wallpaper you need in order to run this live wallpaper.

Download the Music beat Live wallpaper (Google Drive 236KB).

this wallpaper is recommended for the person either DJ or music lover. because it has a great visualizer that can seen on your desktop without going to music player.

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